You are currently viewing A SUPERHERO MOVIE TO BE SHOT IN GHANA


There is no denying that the most popular genre in the film industry these days are superhero movies. Hitting our screens soon is another mind blowing African Superhero movie, a challenger to Black Panther.

Established in April 2014, Naagyeo Promotions Limited seek to discover raw talents then groom, nurture and set up platforms that give them all equal opportunities to showcase their God given talents to the world.

Naagyeo Promotions, the producer of this movie is based and registered in United Kingdom (UK) with a Ghanaian background.

In an interview with company’s founder and the CEO name withheld, he said this exciting superhero movie which is in the very early stages of production will not be the last.

He added, although the creative idea to go into Superhero’s movies was inspired by Marvels and DC he wouldn’t hesitate to partner with them on his ones if necessary.

The company’s superhero movie is titled “LYNX THE UNIFIER”, based on the novel “THE BROKEN UNIFIER” written by Evelyn slot 777 A. Boafo which can be found on Amazon just in case you need a copy of the novel book to read up the story.

The producers believe “LYNX THE UNIFIER” has an important bonus new member 100 message to impart to its audiences. The message is woven into an excellently crafted, written and filmed movie with the potential of winning many awards.

“LYNX THE UNIFIER” coming soon!

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