Naagyeo Edusoccer Challenge

Welcome to Naagyeo Edusoccer Challenge, the TV Game Show exclusively designed with Naagyeo Edusoccer Game to educate football followers about FIFA LAWS OF THE GAME to help minimize riots, hooliganism, mayhem and attacks on match officials on the field of play.

The show also lays a foundation of promoting and encouraging football coaching, playing and refereeing as part of the continued development and education of football from the grassroots.

The TV game show is for any football club or academy whether grassroots or professional, interested in taking part in the Challenge. You will have fun with us whilst learning important football lessons to help players individually and as part of a team as well as impacting the education for the general public consumption.

In addition, this game show is allowed to be used in community fun games, various educational institutions, football academies or clubs, local and national teams as an entertainment and learning game show with terms and conditions.

The game show has been divided into three segments namely: Officiating Challenge, Playing Challenge and Coaching Challenge.

OFFICIATING CHALLENGE: – In this segment, the competitors are going to be assessed on their officiating skill and knowledge. By playing the Naagyeo EduSoccer Game (Table) exclusively and answering questions about FIFA laws of the game which are also clearly indicated on the board game.

PLAYING CHALLENGE: – In this segment, the competitors are going to be assessed on their playing skill and efficacy. An animated football drill video obtained exclusively from the Naagyeo Edusoccer Game will be shown on screen to the competitors for them to put into practice on the field of play.

COACHING CHALLENGE: – In this segment, the competitors will be expected to demonstrate their coaching skill and creativity. They will use the Naagyeo Edusoccer Game exclusively as a guide to create and obtain their own coaching drill from the board game and then take it to the field of play for a demonstration.

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