Naagyeo Edusoccer Coaching


This is a program developed for grassroots football coaching, as it’s the most basic access training program for football careers. A learning platform serving as football career ladder purposely created to motivate and encourage the youth to pursue a career in the football industry.


Prepare to enter and advance within the Football (Sports) Industry with Naagyeo Edusoccer Coaching. A foundation level of football training program created in consultation with world football industry members, as part of the continued development and education of football from grassroots. You can then further advance your football studies in the promotion and development or teaching and coaching of sports.


What qualifications do you need?
We welcome all levels of football understanding and experience as long as you are passionate, dedicated and interested in starting a new career from the most basic grassroots football development and education level. Aged between 23 and 35 The training program runs for up to a week virtually or online at your own pace.


This program will prepare you for a successful career in sports coaching and development. You could potentially pursue a career in the following areas:

  • Active schools and sports development
  • Disability sports development
  • Grassroots football coaching
  • Sport event management
  • Sport business ownership


• Able to learn how to play Naagyeo Edusoccer Game and master how to effectively and properly use the game for grassroots football coaching.

• Able to get the needed assistance to establish and run own grassroots Soccer Academy in local communities.

• Able to become an authorized independent distributor of Naagyeo Group’s products and services in your vicinity and world over for individual adopters.

• Able to attain the rights to implement Naagyeo Edusoccer Challenge as after school clubs and Multisport Activities for individual adopters.

• Able to acquire the full rights to implement Naagyeo Edusoccer Challenge as after school club, Multisport Activities, Sports and Physical Education for school adopters.

• Able to generate an income with us by selling our products and services in your communities for individual adopters.

• Able to attain the full rights to use and reuse our hundreds of football session drills both practical and animation videos to start of your football coaching career with us.

• Able to join our priority list when shortlisting to select and grant any qualify grassroots football establishment, the rights to become our franchisee whenever the opportunity arises.


You can sign up and book your place at a fee of $65.00. You will be sent the needed resources and learning material starter pack which are all included in the tuition fee.


You can apply for the training program via our website Please click on the events menu and select Naagyeo Edusoccer Coaching to complete the registration process.  

The present enrolment entry date and time is 00/00/000 to 00/00/000, 00:00 to 00:00 (UK time). The final deadline date and time for this entry is 00/00/000, 00:00 (UK time).

For enquiries contact us via or click register button below to fill out the registration form and make payment to complete the process.